"A brand is a promise. A GOOD brand is a promise kept.”

— Muthar Kent, CEO Coca Cola

Branding 101

Finding and Creating Your Brand DNA

Your brand is more than your logo; it is the complete experience that a customer has with your organization.

A brand needs to stand out from the crowd.

A great brand becomes an icon.

That is what we want to do for all of our clients. Our goal, our mission, is to help our clients connect their brand identity with customers in a way that makes them uniquely different, distinct, and most important, invaluable. We call it BRAND DNA, and we are very serious about it.


We will help you take your new brand identity to the world, through printed and digital materials, apparel and other merchandise, trade show booths, sales and marketing collateral, social media, and of course, your advertising in traditional and new media.
Through our design services, we will capture your brand's DNA, and communicate what’s unique about your business, with a simple logo and tagline, and we will ensure that it Transends to each marketing channel.

4 Stages of Brand & Logo Development

Stage 1: Brainstorm

This beginning stage is completely collaborative; we need as much information from you, such as: your likes, favorite colors, favorite logos, favorite products, favorite places, the name of the product or company, what it does, what makes it different, etc. This information is key to developing initial design ideas.

Stage 2: Create

Rome was not built in day --neither will your logo. It takes time, and multiple iterations before taking shape. Our philosophy is to come up with the top 3 designs, present them to the you and then, together, we will pick the best look and feel, and tweak until all key stakeholders are happy. Then we will proceed to the next phase.

Stage 3: Test

Ok, so you like what we've come up with (and we like it -- also very key), but will customers or clients like it? That's when we create multiple logos, in different types of settings (e.g., on websites, on a piece of merchandise, on a product label, or business card, etc.) and we gather focus groups to tell us what they like best.

Stage 4: Launch

Blast off--IT'S YOURS! Unlike many branding and marketing companies who hold clients hostage for their new logo, we are different. At Madison Ave Marketing, YOU WILL OWN your logo. We will deliver all the assets to you, in Png, Tiff, EPS, PSD, JPG, AI, GIF...whatever you need. After all, it's your intellectual property.

"Renee has taken us to the next level for sure."
Jerome Hughes, Founder - Healthy Place Now

"Renee is very high energy and creative. Whatever you want, she can deliver."
Peter Herring, CEO - VP Bus Dev. Construction Cost Recovery (CCR)

"Renee is not just a vendor, she is our partner, and a member of our family."
Joe Saxby, CEO- Healthy Place

"Renee is an expert Marketer. She is intelligent, creative and a joy to work with."
Boris Videlov, Head of Pharmocovigilance - Pfizer

"We are so blessed to have Renee leading us down this new branding journey."
Val McLeod, CEO - Healthy Place Legacy

"I worked for Renee at ArisGlobal, as her lead designer. Her new brand identity changed the direction of our company."
Frank Albanese, Motion Designer - Cartus

Marketing Strategy Case Studies


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