Lex Products Corp Rebrand

Lex Products is a leading North American manufacturer of innovative power distribution and lighting solutions for demanding markets. When I first came on board, they had no real tagline or positioning; no vertical market strategy, and very unimaginative sales and marketing materials. Some might even say "boring".

I worked directly with the CEO, Bob Luther, to design a new logo with 3 phase power in it, and a tagline, "We Deliver the Power."

I also helped Led define 3 vertical markets: Entertainment, Industrial and the Military.

We also segmented each product line, into the following categories:
PowerHOUSE™ Portable Distribution Boxes
PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies
PowerGATE™ Power Switches and Input Panels
PowerPARTS™ Wiring Devices
LuxCommander® Portable Work Lights
PowerRAMP® Cable Protectors
Power Control Solutions

Finally, I helped them design and implement a new, robust website, trade show booth, and multiple new product launch materials.

All of this creative work was done with Adobe Suite, from 2004-2008.

Lex Products Before

Lex Products After

New Press Release for Trade Shows


New Trade Show Booth

Trade show booth

New Trading Cards For Each Product


New Brochures and Promo Items


Award-Winning New Products Ads


New Installation Guides


"Renee has taken us to the next level for sure."
Jerome Hughes, Founder - Healthy Place Now

"Renee is very high energy and creative. Whatever you want, she can deliver."
Peter Herring, CEO - VP Bus Dev. Construction Cost Recovery (CCR)

"Renee is not just a vendor, she is our partner, and a member of our family."
Joe Saxby, CEO- Healthy Place

"Renee is an expert Marketer. She is intelligent, creative and a joy to work with."
Boris Videlov, Head of Pharmocovigilance - Pfizer

"We are so blessed to have Renee leading us down this new branding journey."
Val McLeod, CEO - Healthy Place Legacy

"I worked for Renee at ArisGlobal, as her lead designer. Her new brand identity changed the direction of our company."
Frank Albanese, Motion Designer - Cartus

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