Our Latest Project - Healthy Place and its Subsidiaries

Healthy Place Botanicals™ began with a small group of customers sampling our first product: Sharoma Gourmet Skinny Coffee, a delicious micronized gourmet coffee with our proprietary blend of all natural herbs and botanicals.

Since its founding in 2017, it has gone on to diversify into 3 separate, and growing entities: HealthyPlace Legacy (a Direct Selling Company) and HealthyPlace Hemp, a burgeoning CBD oil company.

They were looking for one cohesive logo and brand identity that would unite all the companies, as well as help them differentiate and standout from the large crowd of botanical and CBD companies on the market.

We gave them a new, fresh, organic look and feel, and literally created an ICON to be their main logo...the same type of icon used on maps. It represents...HEALTHY PLACE. Then we gave them the most appropriate tagline, showing their hearts and mission to help as many people arrive at their own "healthy place."

Although we are not yet finished with the rebrand, we (and them) are very happy with where we have come, and where we will go (no pun intended).

Here is the latest promotional video we did for the Frankincense and Mtrrh essential oil.

The transformation...bringing 3 individual websites...to ONE BRAND is coming!

Healthy Place Botanicals Website
Healthy Place Botanicals Website
Healthy Place Legacy Website
Healthy Place Hemp Website
Healthy Place Hemp Website
Healthy Place - ONE website for all brands
Healthy Place - ONE website for all brands

"Renee has taken us to the next level for sure."
Jerome Hughes, Cofounder - Healthy Place Botanicals

"Renee is not just a vendor, she is out partner, and a member of our family."
Joe Saxby, CEO- Healthy Place

"We are so blessed to have Renee leading us down this new branding journey."
Val McLeod, CEO - Healthy Place Legacy

Client Love!

Renee has been invaluable to us as we grow and rebrand to a global health and wellness company!

~ Val McLoed, CEO -
Healthy Place Legacy

Next Level! That's what Renee has given us. Next Level.

~ Jerome Hughes, Co-Founder, Healthy Place Botanicals

Renee is not just a vendor, she is a partner, a part of the family!

~ Joe Saxby, Co-Founder, Healthy Place Botanicals

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