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  • Brands Need To Be Celebrated

    Just like people, Brands have personalities - a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand with a good personality will always increase brand equity ...and thus, should always be celebrated.

  • Good Brands Have Great Ideas Behind Them

    When brainstorming a new brand, or a re-brand, getting multiple brains involved is paramount. Everyone has an opinion, or a sense of what the brand means to them. The collective experience is the right positioning.

  • Building An Iconic Brand For Life

    They key to building an iconic brand, is making sure you are differentiating it from the masses. The Flatiron Building is a great example of an ICON - it will always stand out among the beautiful buildings in NYC.

Branding 101 - Defining the Brand Personality and Brand DNA

“A brand vision should attempt to go beyond functional benefits to consider organizational values; a higher purpose; brand personality; and emotional, social, and self-expressive benefits.”
― David Aaker, Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success

Professional Services

Marketing & Go-To-Market Strategy

Going to market with a refreshed brand or an entirely new brand, needs the same level of strategic planning. From SWOT and Critical Success Factor Strategies, to Porters' 5 Forces Model, we can be your strategic partner.

Logo, Web Design & Brand Identity

Creating a corporate identity is not just designing a logo. It is making sure that the logo, website and brand elements extend to all customer touchpoints and sales distribution channels. Take your corporate identity to the next level today!

Video Editing & Production

In today's world, Video editing alone is not enough. One must be a PREDITOR..., and manage all aspects; from script, props, and story boards through to shooting, editing and mastering. Let us help you create the perfect story!

Copywriting & Scriptwriting

Video ad spending hit $5.4 billion in 2016, and 90% of users say that video helps them make a decision in buying a product. Video ads increase purchase intent by 97%, and brand association by 139%. That's why you need a fantastic team of writers for your content.

PR, Social & Media Strategy

Creating an effective PR, Social or Media Strategy begins with understanding that ALL of them are inter-related. Our team of SEO and media experts can turn your social sharing and news releases into bottom-line company revenue.

The Iconic Flat Iron Building of NYC

The Best Example of Branding a Building

The Flatiron Building was designed by Chicago's Daniel Burnham as a vertical Renaissance palazzo with Beaux-Arts styling. Unlike New York's early skyscrapers, the Flatiron Building epitomizes brand building at its finest - a classical Greek column, its facade is limestone, with glazed terra-cotta. Despite the intricacies of the building, it was completed in June 1902, after a year of construction.

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