eXfuze Phytonutritional Supplements

eXfuze was first founded and introduced in 2008, by Don and Rick Cotton. Their phytonutrient supplement, called Seven+, was a combination of some of the world's best, most nutrient and enzyme rich, wild-crafted organic whole fruit extracts.

They had stumbled upon these almost miracle-producing antioxidants, when caring for their father, who had severe liver disease. They had them imported from all over the world; the Gogi berry, Noni, Seabuckthorn, Acacia, Algae, and other extracts, (much more than 7) and much to their joy, the father not only survived... he thrived!

They realized they were on to something, and began manufacturing and producing the product and called it eXfuze - because of their proprietary extract fuzing methodology, which enabled their product to have the most potent, immunity building extracts all in one bottle.

The problem? Their logo was non-descriptive; you could not tell one product from another, and they had no real consumer-friendly marketing. They were a direct sales company, and needed major help to become a global supplement company.

In 2012, I came on as their head of Marketing and Branding, and completely changed all that. And within 3 years, I had helped them to design all new bottle and product artwork, launch 3 new products, and create an entirely new program offering, complete with supplement guide and workout, which I branded the "Transformation Pak". Oh, and had these all in multiple languages for their global distribution.


New Logo and New Award-Winning Bottle Artwork Designs, Ads and Social Marketing

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The first thing I did was work with our creative director to come up with totally UNIQUE designs that were really a work of art. Because extracts and other phytonutrients had been proven to improve one's DNA over time, I wanted to makes sure that the DNA was present in the 3 types of extracts we offered. Then, to further differentiate each bottle supplement, I had the specific "fruit" extract overlayed on the DNA, and used images to convey WHO would benefit from these products.

For NEW products, such as Shapeway, Summa and Zilla, again, I wanted to emphasize the BENEFITS of these products, NOT the attributes. So Zilla, looks refreshing and energizing - exactly what the product did. Shapeway helped with losing weight and getting in shape. And Summa Cafe (which I named and created the logo for) was the best of the best coffee, which they patented as the first, liquid cold brewed coffee in a can. It was truly revolutionary.

Finally, I wrote and created all new sales sheets, promos and social media posts to be able to market these products DTC.

Brand New Transformation Program, Pak and Brochure

Becuse of my background in fitness and nutrition from the 90s' (I was NASM certified and had my own personal training business), I knew excactly how to create a program that would work to help transform people's lives!

And that is what we did! I created a Transformation Pak, complete with information on the best nutritional plans, how to take our supplements, I even created the "NO EXCUSES" full body workout that people could do at home, at work, at the gym...wherever!

The results were amazing! And many people lost weight using the Transformation Pak!

I also served as the creator and marketer/brander for all of eXfuze anual and regional meetings - some of which were over 5,000 people.


I even helped write the script and edit/produce the eXfuze Opportunity Video.
We did it in English and Spanish.


Don Cotton, CEO of eXfuze.

Don Japan

"It didn’t take Renee long to ascertain our strengths and weakness as a business. While I hired her to be my CMO, she quickly became far more than that.


First, she worked to rebrand and create a consistent image for our company.  We went from a variety of looks and ideas to winning awards for our product design.


Once Renee had her arms around the business, she created several new go-to market strategies. She developed new product ideas complete with web-based, and in-person, sales strategies and materials to train our people and to give them tools to more effectively sell. She also understood and tracked metrics from inception to delivery and adoption of the product.


Renee went from an exciting new hire (someone who brought enthusiasm to our corporate team) to my right-hand person in a matter of months. She is quite literally an idea machine and the speed at which she can process information, integrate and apply it is truly one of her greatest strengths.


Finally, I will say she is a principled, loyal and trustworthy person and I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically."