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allan falk

Allan Falk

President and Owner

President/Owner of Post Haste Sound & Post Haste Digital, Inc. Established in 2003, Post Haste is one of the industry leaders in audio and video post-production. Post Haste services all of the major studios as well as independents. Post Haste also offers full feature post including sound design/editorial, ADR, Foley, large theatrical dubbing stage. Additional services offered are color correction, digital file creation/delivery, QC, audio and video migration.




Audio Mastering

Digital Asset Management

We transition large libraries and catalogs of audio content from physical media to tapeless workflows. A signal mezzanine video file can have hundreds of related audio tracks - various stems, languages and mixes.

The problem is that this material lives back in a world of physical tape or disc media, and needs to be matched preciously to the new digital master.

We tailor and automate our workflows to match the needs of the specific libraries, including integration with the client’s data infrastructure and metadata architecture.

We meet the needs of today’s content owners by scaling our services and rates for these large-scale projects. Together with our vidio mastering department, we support complete mezzanine mastering workflows.

For more information on our Video and  Audio Mastering capabilities, click here.



Digital Asset Management

Post Haste Digital offers complete sound packages for all types of content and media including theatrical features, shorts, television, trailers, cable programming and commercials. Complete sound packaging consist of managing all aspects of your project including all creative detailing, technical and administrative support, and all final deliveries.  We manage your entire project from inception to completion, including many new additional video services, making Post Haste your “one-stop-shop” for complete post production services.

We pride ourselves on client services and have successfully organized and supervised a multitude of projects.  In addition, we offer some of the best creative talent in the industry, yielding a top notch team combining both creative and administrative post production expertise.

For more information on our mixing, Editorial ADR, and Foley services, click here.




Digital File Delivery

Post Haste’s dynamic encoding and decoding processes power your UHD, HD, and SD workflows. We ingest from any media, data or tape, including conversions.

We then transcode to create a wide range of file formats to meet your delivery requirements. We offer current file wrapping, such as IMF, DCP, J2K, AVI, EST VOD, Broadcast Quality tape replacement files and all Quicktime codecs.

We utilize Interra’s Baton to insure file quality and integrity. Any problems detected can be rectified in the same facility, whether audio or video, to assure on-time deliverables that are right the first time.

For more information on video mastering, including video effects, restoration and duplication, click here.


Introducing Our Own Patented Technology...

Music Slayer

If you have any music extraction, removal, separation, or dissociation needs we’re confident we can help

Have you lost music rights? Do you need to replace music not cleared for new distribution platforms?

Do you have comp foreign tracks dubbed in-territory for which no separate stems exist? You can even save your dialogue and cut music from your comp mixes without affecting speech thus enabling you to seamlessly remix it with new music.

Click here to view video demos of what Music Slayer is capable of.



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